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When considering the large investment made on installing Timber Floors; a regular maintenance plan, including the application of a regular Re-Coating; will ensure the longevity, condition and appearance of the floors are maintained to their highest standard.

Regular maintenance of all timber floors will extend their life and ensure it presents constantly at its best.

ABS Timber Floor Services recommend all Sports Floors and Commercial Floors should be recoated annually, with Residential Floors assessed for re-coating less frequently, depending on their usage.

For those facilities whose budget doesn’t stretch to an annual re-coat, we recommend considering the re-coating of high wear areas.

On Sports Floors, areas such as Shooting Circles in Netball and within Keys or 3 – Point Lines for Basketball Courts.

In Commercial Floors, areas in and around Bars, Kitchen entries or stairs should be considered for regular re-coating.

In the interests of maintaining a high quality Timber Floor, ABS would advocate that it is better to recoat a little bit too soon, rather than a little bit too late.


To maintain your timber floor in first class condition, we recommend the following:

Use door mats at external doorways to prevent excess dirt and grit.

Place tracking mats at exterior of sinks, refrigerators and in heavy traffic areas.

Never drag furniture across the floor.

Be careful of wax overspray when cleaning furniture.

Use protective felt pads or floorguards under furniture to minimize scratching and scuffing.
Wipe up spills and remove dirt and grit as soon as possible.

Clean regularly using an electrostatic dust control mop or vacuum regularly to remove dirt and dust.

Do not use hard bristle brushes or hard brooms.

The floor can be damp mopped carefully using a soft cotton mop with the recommended neutral product cleaner.

Acrylic based floor polishes may be used, but once applied must be reapplied regularly as do spirit or water based waxes.
If waxes and polishes are applied, eventually they will need to be removed by  sanding or chemical stripping and the floor recoated.

Finally, when your floor shows signs of wear, it will need refurbishment. If left and not attended to, the floor will require full re-sanding rather than the less expensive alternative of re-coating.

Ph: 0412 333 051

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